Making Memorial Bears from your
Loved One's Clothing

   Do you have your Grandmother's fur coat hanging in
your attic?  Or is your Dad's favorite flannel shirt taking
up space in your dresser?

      Wouldn't it be nice to have your Mom's favorite
aprons turned into jointed teddy bears you, your siblings or children can have?  Each time you look at the bear you will remember her in the kitchen, perhaps you can almost smell the fresh cookies she made!  What a wonderful way to remember her!  To remember anyone!

   I can take almost any material and turn it into an adorable bear to be hugged and treasured.  You can give a tangible reminder of a loved one that has passed to your family members.

   Every part of the bear is made from the material sent to me. 
The body, head and limbs are made from the main material.  If
there are buttons, they become the eyes.  No buttons?  I will find appropriate 'eyes' from  my trusty Button Box.  If there is a lining,
this becomes paw pads and inner ears.  If there is no lining, you
can indicate whether I should use the main material, improvise
with my scrap materials or use another material you have provided.  The only thing I will add is a coordinating bow for the neck.
   Come in and look at the bears I've already made...

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